Waves in complex media


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Multiple scattering theory in one dimensional space and time dependent disorder: average field [Invited]
Selvestrel, A., J. Rocha, R. Carminati, and R. Pierrat
Optical Materials Express 14, no. 3, 801-815 (2024)
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Dynamic structured illumination for confocal microscopy
Nœtinger, G., F. Lemoult, and S. M. Popoff
Optics Letters 49, no. 5, 1177-1180 (2024)
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Light in correlated disordered media
Vynck, K., R. Pierrat, R. Carminati, L. S. Froufe-Pérez, F. Scheffold, R. Sapienza, S. Vignolini, and J. J. Sáenz
Reviews of Modern Physics 95, no. 4 (2023)
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