Waves in complex media


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Weight of single and recurrent scattering in the reflection matrix of complex media
Brütt, C., A. Aubry, B. Gérardin, A. Derode, and C. Prada
Physical Review E 106, no. 2 (2022)
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Roadmap on wavefront shaping and deep imaging in complex media
Gigan, S., O. Katz, H. B. De Aguiar, E. R. Andresen, A. Aubry, J. Bertolotti, E. Bossy, D. Bouchet, J. Brake, S. Brasselet, Y. Bromberg, H. Cao, T. Chaigne, Z. Cheng, W. Choi, T. čižmár, M. Cui, V. R. Curtis, H. Defienne, M. Hofer, R. Horisaki, R. Horstmeyer, N. Ji, A. K. Laviolette, J. Mertz, C. Moser, A. P. Mosk, N. C. Pégard, R. Piestun, S. Popoff, D. B. Phillips, D. Psaltis, B. Rahmani, H. Rigneault, S. Rotter, L. Tian, I. M. Vellekoop, L. Waller, and Wan
Journal of Physics: Photonics 4, no. 4, 042501 (2022)
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Crossover from renormalized to conventional diffusion near the three-dimensional Anderson localization transition for light
Cobus, L. A., G. Maret, and A. Aubry
Physical Review B 106, no. 1 (2022)
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