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Effect of microstructural elongation on backscattered field: Intensity measurement and multiple scattering estimation with a linear transducer array.
Baelde, A., J. Laurent, P. Millien, R. Coulette, W. B. Khalifa, F. Jenson, F. Sun, M. Fink, and C. Prada.
Ultrasonics 82 (2018): 379–389.
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Coda reconstruction from cross-correlation of a diffuse field on thin elastic plates.
Hejazi Nooghabi, A., L. Boschi, P. Roux, and J. De Rosny.
Physical Review E 96, no. 3 (2017).
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Structure and dynamics of multicellular assemblies measured by coherent light scattering.
Brunel, B., C. Blanch, A. Gourrier, V. Petrolli, A. Delon, J. F. Joanny, R. Carminati, R. Pierrat, and G. Cappello.
New Journal of Physics 19, no. 7 (2017).
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