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In vivo high-resolution human retinal imaging with wavefront-correctionless full-field OCT.
Xiao P., Mazlin V., Grieve K., Sahel J., Fink M., and Boccara A.C.
Optica 5 (2018): 409–412.
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In vivo high resolution human corneal imaging using full-field optical coherence tomography.
Mazlin V., Xiao P., Dalimier E., Grieve K., Irsch K., Sahel J., Fink M., and Boccara A.C.
Biomedical Optics Express 9 (2018): 557–568.
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A Phononic Crystal-Based High Frequency Rheometer.
Lanoy M., Bretagne A., Leroy V., and Tourin A.
Crystals 8 (2018): 195.
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