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Temperature of a nanoparticle above a substrate under radiative heating and cooling.
Kallel, H., R. Carminati, and K. Joulain.
Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 95, no. 11 (2017).
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Light-Mediated Cascaded Locking of Multiple Nano-Optomechanical Oscillators.
Gil-Santos, E., M. Labousse, C. Baker, A. Goetschy, W. Hease, C. Gomez, A. Lemaître, G. Leo, C. Ciuti, and I. Favero.
Physical Review Letters 118, no. 6 (2017).
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En face coherence microscopy [invited].
Thouvenin, O., K. Grieve, P. Xiao, C. Apelian, and A. Claude Boccara.
Biomedical Optics Express 8, no. 2 (2017): 622–639.
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