Physique sublongueur d’onde (SWAP)


Yannick DE WILDE
Tél. : 01 80 96 30 84
Yannick.Dewilde (arobase)


Near-Field and Far-Field Thermal Emission of an Individual Patch Nanoantenna.
Li, C., V. Krachmalnicoff, P. Bouchon, J. Jaeck, N. Bardou, R. Haïdar, and Y. De Wilde.
Physical Review Letters 121, no. 24 (2018).
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Temperature-Dependent Plasmonic Responses from Gold Nanoparticle Dimers Linked by Double-Stranded DNA.
Lermusiaux, L., and S. Bidault.
Langmuir 34, no. 49 (2018): 14946–14953.
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Leveraging Chaos for Wave-Based Analog Computation: Demonstration with Indoor Wireless Communication Signals.
Del Hougne, P., and G. Lerosey.
Physical Review X 8, no. 4 (2018).
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