Subwavelength physics (SWAP)


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Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces vs. Relaying: Differences, Similarities, and Performance Comparison
Di Renzo, M., K. Ntontin, J. Song, F. H. Danufane, X. Qian, F. Lazarakis, J. De Rosny, D.-T. Phan-Huy, O. Simeone, R. Zhang, M. Debbah, G. Lerosey, M. Fink, S. Tretyakov, and S. Shamai
IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society 1, 798-807 (2020)
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Time Reversal for 6G Spatiotemporal Focusing: Recent Experiments, Opportunities, and Challenges
Alexandropoulos, G. C., A. Mokh, R. Khayatzadeh, J. De Rosny, M. Kamoun, A. Ourir, A. Tourin, M. Fink, and M. Debbah
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 17, no. 4, 74-82 (2022)
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Guided elastic waves in a highly-stretched soft plate
Delory, A., F. Lemoult, A. Eddi, and C. Prada
Extreme Mechanics Letters, 102018 (2023)
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