Waves Theory and Mesoscopic Physics

Research topics

  • Wave propagation in correlated media
  • Speckle, information and wave control
  • Random lasers
  • Scattering and diffusion in atomic clouds
  • Quantum optics in complex media

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Superresolved Imaging Based on Spatiotemporal Wave-Front Shaping
Noetinger, G., S. Métais, G. Lerosey, M. Fink, S. M. Popoff, and F. Lemoult
Physical Review Applied 19, no. 2 (2023)
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Super-localisation of a point-like emitter in a resonant environment: Correction of the mirage effect
Baldassari, L., P. Millien, and A. L. Vanel
Inverse Problems and Imaging 17, no. 2, 490-506 (2023)
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Coherent backscattering of entangled photon pairs
Safadi, M., O. Lib, H. C. Lin, C. W. Hsu, A. Goetschy, and Y. Bromberg
Nature Physics (2023)
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Reconstructing the Spatial Distribution of the Relative Shear Modulus in Quasi-static Ultrasound Elastography: Plane Stress Analysis
Seppecher, L., E. Bretin, P. Millien, L. Petrusca, and E. Brusseau
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (2023)
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Speckle Decorrelation in Fundamental and Second-Harmonic Light Scattered from Nonlinear Disorder
Samanta, R., R. Pierrat, R. Carminati, and S. Mujumdar
Physical Review Applied 18, no. 5 (2022)
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