Articles 2024

Influence of static and dynamic ocular aberrations on full-field optical coherence tomography for in vivo high-resolution retinal imaging
Cai, Y., O. Thouvenin, K. Grieve, and P. Mecê
Optics Letters 49, no. 9, 2209-2212 (2024)
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Frugal random exploration strategy for shape recognition using statistical geometry
Hidalgo-Caballero, S., A. Cassinelli, E. Fort, and M. Labousse
Physical Review Research 6, no. 2 (2024)
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Beyond Order: Random, Aperiodic, and Hyperuniform Photonic Materials: introduction to the special issue
Negro, L. D. A. L., C. A. O. Hui, M. Filoche, S. A. Schulz, S. Vignolini, and D. S. Wiersma
Optical Materials Express 14, no. 5, 1293-1294 (2024)
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Topology optimization for microwave control with reconfigurable intelligent metasurfaces in complex media
Karamanos, T. D., M. Fink, and F. Lemoult
Physical Review Applied 21, no. 4 (2024)
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Asymmetrical wakes over anisotropic bathymetries
Euvé, L.-P., A. Maurel, P. Petitjeans, and V. Pagneux
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 984 (2024)
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Airborne ultrasound for the contactless mapping of surface thoracic vibrations during human vocalizations: A pilot study
Wintzenrieth, F., M. Couade, F. Lehanneur, P. Laveneziana, M. C. Niérat, N. Verger, M. Fink, T. Similowski, and R. K. Ing
AIP Advances 14, no. 3 (2024)
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Multiple scattering theory in one dimensional space and time dependent disorder: average field [Invited]
Selvestrel, A., J. Rocha, R. Carminati, and R. Pierrat
Optical Materials Express 14, no. 3, 801-815 (2024)
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A simplified PPG based approach for automated recognition of five distinct emotional states
Paul, A., A. Chakraborty, D. Sadhukhan, S. Pal, and M. Mitra
Multimedia Tools and Applications 83, no. 10, 30697-30718 (2024)
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Vectorial phase retrieval in super-resolution polarization microscopy
Gutiérrez-Cuevas, R., L. A. Alemán-Castañeda, I. Herrera, S. Brasselet, and M. A. Alonso
APL Photonics 9, no. 2 (2024)
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Dynamic structured illumination for confocal microscopy
Nœtinger, G., F. Lemoult, and S. M. Popoff
Optics Letters 49, no. 5, 1177-1180 (2024)
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Flexible implementation of modulated localisation microscopy based on DMD
Illand, A., P. Jouchet, E. Fort, and S. Lévêque-Fort
Journal of Microscopy (2024)
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Optimizing multi-user indoor sound communications with acoustic reconfigurable metasurfaces
Zhang, H., Q. Wang, M. Fink, and G. Ma
Nature Communications 15, no. 1, 1270 (2024)
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Characterization of ejecta in shock experiments with multiple light scattering
Don Jayamanne, J. A., J. R. Burie, O. Durand, R. Pierrat, and R. Carminati
Journal of Applied Physics 135, no. 7 (2024)
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Acoustic monitoring of compaction in cohesive granular materials
Canel, V., X. Jia, M. Campillo, and I. Ionescu
Physical Review E 109, no. 2 (2024)
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Viscoelastic dynamics of a soft strip subject to a large deformation
Delory, A., D. A. Kiefer, M. Lanoy, A. Eddi, Prada C., and F. Lemoult
Soft Matter (2024)
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Experimental Investigation of the Thermal Emission Cross Section of Nanoresonators Using Hierarchical Poisson-Disk Distributions
Langevin, D., C. Verlhac, J. Jaeck, L. Abou-Hamdan, E. Taupeau, B. Fix, N. Bardou, C. Dupuis, Y. De Wilde, R. Haïdar, and P. Bouchon
Physical Review Letters 132, no. 4 (2024)
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Efficient detection of cardiac abnormalities via a simplified score-based analysis of the ECG signal
Dhar, S., A. Chakraborty, D. Sadhukhan, S. Pal, and M. Mitra
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2024)
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Ray and caustic structure of Ince-Gauss beams
Gutiérrez-Cuevas, R., M. R. Dennis, and M. A. Alonso
New Journal of Physics 26, no. 1 (2024)
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3D-Architected Alkaline-Earth Perovskites
Winczewski, J. P., J. Arriaga Dávila, M. Herrera-Zaldívar, F. Ruiz-Zepeda, R. M. Córdova-Castr, C. R. Pérez De La Vega, C. Cabriel, I. Izeddin, H. Gardeniers, and A. Susarrey-Arce
Advanced Materials (2024)
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Single-emitter super-resolved imaging of radiative decay rate enhancement in dielectric gap nanoantennas
Córdova-Castro, R. M., B. Van Dam, A. Lauri, S. A. Maier, R. Sapienza, Y. De Wilde, I. Izeddin, and V. Krachmalnicoff
Light: Science and Applications 13, no. 1 (2024)
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3D topographies promote macrophage M2d-Subset differentiation
Carrara, S. C., A. Davila-Lezama, C. Cabriel, E. J. W. Berenschot, S. Krol, J. G. E. Gardeniers, I. Izeddin, H. Kolmar, and A. Susarrey-Arce
Materials Today Bio 24 (2024)
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Optical tomography in a single camera frame using fringe-encoded deep-learning full-field OCT
Mazlin, V.
Biomedical Optics Express 15, no. 1, 222-236 (2024)
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Decomposition of acousto-elastic matrices for contactless modal analysis and vibration shaping
Palerm, C., C. Prada, B. Gerardin, A. Talon, and J. De Rosny
Journal of Sound and Vibration 571 (2024)
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