Our group is interested in the development of far-field optical techniques for the detection of biomolecules and nanoscale pollutants, as well as for the sub-wavelength imaging of cellular environments. In particular, we develop new approaches to super-resolution microscopy, plasmon-based optical biosensors and interferometric microscopy to detect viruses and image biological tissue. Furthermore, we investigate bioinspired self-assembly strategies for high-scale and low-cost nanofabrication techniques in photonics. For more information :
 Optical Antennas
 Super-Resolution Microscopy
 Full-field Optical Coherence Tomography

Recent publications

Dimers of Plasmonic Nanocubes to Reach Single-Molecule Strong Coupling with High Emission Yields
Heintz, J., F. Legittimo, and S. Bidault
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 13, no. 51, 11996-12003 (2022)
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Transition from Phononic to Geometrical Mie Modes Measured in Single Subwavelength Polar Dielectric Spheres
Abou-Hamdan, L., L. Coudrat, S. Bidault, V. Krachmalnicoff, R. Haïdar, P. Bouchon, and Y. De Wilde
ACS Photonics 9, no. 7, 2295-2303 (2022)
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Label free optical transmission tomography for biosystems: intracellular structures and dynamics
Mazlin, V., O. Thouvenin, S. Alhaddad, M. Boccara, and C. Boccara
Biomedical Optics Express 13, no. 8, 4190-4203 (2022)
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Dynamic full-field optical coherence tomography allows live imaging of retinal pigment epithelium stress model
Groux, K., A. Verschueren, C. Nanteau, M. Clémençon, M. Fink, J.-A. Sahel, C. Boccara, M. Paques, S. Reichman, and K. Grieve
Communications Biology 5, no. 1 (2022)
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Damping-Driven Time Reversal for Waves
Hidalgo-Caballero, S., S. Kottigegollahalli Sreenivas, V. Bacot, S. Wildeman, M. Harazi, X. Jia, A. Tourin, M. Fink, A. Cassinelli, M. Labousse, and E. Fort
Physical Review Letters 130, no. 8 (2023)
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Full-field single molecule localization microscopy with a mono-detector
Lengauer, M., E. Fort, and S. Lévêque-Fort
Biophysical Journal 122, no. 3S1, 133a (2023)
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Additive Manufacturing of 3D Luminescent ZrO2:Eu3+ Architectures
Winczewski, J., M. Herrera, C. Cabriel, I. Izeddin, S. Gabel, B. Merle, A. Susarrey Arce, and H. Gardeniers
Advanced Optical Materials, 2102758 (2022)
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Super-resolution imaging: When biophysics meets nanophotonics
Koenderink, A. F., R. Tsukanov, J. Enderlein, I. Izeddin, and V. Krachmalnicoff
Nanophotonics 11, no. 2, 169-202 (2022)
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