Infrared near-field optics, micro and nano thermics

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Our research activities mainly concern the investigation of infrared radiation at subwavelength scales. The radiation originates either from thermal fluctuations with the sample, or from electrical pumping of a semiconductor device, or from an external source. We also investigate thermal transport phenomena at small scales.

Our research activities are often interdisciplinary and go from fundamental to applied research. Our results mostly arise from important collaborative efforts with partners who may originate from the academic, the aerospace, or the industrial sector.

Applications to internships, PhD and positions are more than welcome (see “Jobs” section). For more information, please contact the group leader, Dr.Yannick De Wilde.
email: yannick.dewilde (arobase)

Research topics

Thermal radiation at subwavelength scales

The TRSTM combined with the FTIR operates beyond the diffraction limit. Being capable to detect the evanescent fields associated to high spatial frequencies with the TRSTM, we have demonstrated an improvement of the spatial resolution by a factor 100 with respect to classical far-field instruments such as infrared microscopes and spectrometers. Importantly, the TRSTM/FTIR also does not require any external source, since the thermal fluctuations of the sample are responsible of the signal which is detected. We have first demonstrated the high resolution capabilities of our hybrid instrument by measuring spectral images at a Silicon/gold (SiC/Au) interface [3,4]. Note that the scattering scanning probe has also allowed one to achieve a resolution of 100 nm in the infrared or the terahertz, by coupling it with the infrared beamline of the synchrotron SOLEIL. This demonstrates the high potential of the scattering-tip method to improve the spatial resolution in this type of large instrument [4].

Near-field thermal radiation from doped/undoped semiconductor multilayers

Near-field infrared imaging one active plasmonic devices

Research connected to aerospace and industrial laboratories

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