| 2020/07/23 19:05 |

Towards digital transparency of biological tissues

A. Badon, V. Barolle, K. Irsch, A.C. Boccara, M. Fink, A. Aubry, « Distortion matrix concept for deep optical imaging in scattering media », Sci. Adv. 6, eaay7170, 2020 This paper proposes a (...)

| 2020/06/26 12:02 |

The team Wave Theory and Mesoscopic Physics received the 2020 Jean Langlois Research prize

This prize, awarded by the Jean Langlois Foundation, rewards every year a team from ESPCI Paris. Congratulations Rémi Carminati, Arthur Goetschy, Pierre Millien and Romain Pierrat! The award will (...)

| 2020/06/11 10:52 |

Matrix Imaging: An Innovation for Improving Ultrasound Resolution

A new way of focusing waves enables a fine compensation of aberrations and a removal of multiple scattering that generally degrade ultrasound images. Based on a matrix approach of wave (...)

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Tuning a regular cavity to wave chaos with metasurface-reconfigurable walls
Gros, J. B., P. Del Hougne, and G. Lerosey
Physical Review A 101, no. 6 (2020)
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Measuring of translational and rotational local temperatures of a single gold nanocrescent in glycerol
Vu, X. H., T. T. H. Pham, E. Fort, M. Levy, H. N. Tran, L. D. Thanh, N. Xuan Ca, P. Van Do, and H. T. Van
Optik 219 (2020)
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Functional ultrasound imaging of deep visual cortex in awake nonhuman primates
Blaize, K., F. Arcizet, M. Gesnik, H. Ahnine, U. Ferrari, T. Deffieux, P. Pouget, F. Chavane, M. Fink, J. A. Sahel, J. A. Sahel, J. A. Sahel, M. Tanter, and S. Picaud
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117, no. 25, 14453-14463 (2020)
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Distortion matrix approach for ultrasound imaging of random scattering media
Lambert, W., L. A. Cobus, T. Frappart, M. Fink, and A. Aubry
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117, no. 26, 14645-14656 (2020)
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