| 2016/07/15 09:46 |

When disorder can lead to transparency

Researchers of the Langevin Institute have recently shown that some disordered media called "hyperuniform" can be both dense and transparent. This surprising discovery allowing a new control of (...)

| 2016/07/12 12:20 |

Une nouvelle approche du retournement temporel

Peut-on faire revivre à une onde sa vie passée ? Ce problème a été largement étudié à l’ESPCI Paris, notamment dans le cas des ondes acoustiques et électromagnétiques. Le procédé, appelé « miroir à (...)

| 2016/02/26 14:30 |

Olivier Couture is awarded the CNRS bronze medal

The Institute of biologic sciences (INSB) awarded Olivier Couture with the 2016 bronze medal for his research work. The CNRS Bronze Medal recognizes a researcher’s first work, which makes that (...)

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Last publications

Spatiotemporal Coherent Control of Light through a Multiple Scattering Medium with the Multispectral Transmission Matrix.
Mounaix, M., D. Andreoli, H. Defienne, G. Volpe, O. Katz, S. Gresillon, and S. Gigan.
Physical Review Letters 116, no. 25 (2016).
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ATLAAS: an automatic decision tree-based learning algorithm for advanced image segmentation in positron emission tomography.
Berthon, B., C. Marshall, M. Evans, and E. Spezi.
Physics In Medicine And Biology 61, no. 13 (2016): 4855–4869.
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A comparative study on the contour tracking algorithms in ultrasound tongue images with automatic re-initialization.
Xu, K., T. G. Csapo, P. Roussel, and B. Denby.
Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America 139, no. 5 (2016): EL154–EL160.
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Green's Function Retrieval with Absorbing Probes in Reverberating Cavities.
Davy, M., J. De Rosny, and P. Besnier.
Physical Review Letters 116, no. 21 (2016).
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