| 2020/05/19 13:45 |

An important step in understanding the origin of transparency of collagen-based, natural or artificial materials

PNAS publishes the work of Nadine Nassif and her colleagues from the Condensed Matter Chemistry Laboratory (Sorbonne University, Collège de France, CNRS), carried out in collaboration with (...)

| 2020/02/10 17:46 |

Abbelight awarded under the European EIC Accelerator program

Abbelight, a startup from the Langevin Institute and the Institute of Molecular Sciences of Orsay (ISMO) is one among seven French laureates awarded under the European EIC Accelerator program (...)

| 2019/12/20 16:34 |

The Innovation Center was awarded the prize of the Paris Club of Directors of Innovation

On December 12, 2019, the Innovation Center of the Langevin Institute was awarded the prize of the Paris Club of Directors of Innovation. This award recognizes the innovation strategy implemented (...)

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Far-Field Wavefront Control of Nonlinear Luminescence in Disordered Gold Metasurfaces.
Roubaud, G., P. Bondareff, G. Volpe, S. Gigan, S. Bidault, and S. Grésillon.
Nano Letters 20, no. 5 (2020): 3291-3298.
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Influence of the Local Scattering Environment on the Localization Precision of Single Particles.
Bouchet, D., R. Carminati, and A. P. Mosk.
Physical Review Letters 124, no. 13 (2020): 133903.
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Real-time non-contact cellular imaging and angiography of human cornea and limbus with common-path full-field/SD OCT.
Mazlin, V., P. Xiao, J. Scholler, K. Irsch, K. Grieve, M. Fink, and A. C. Boccara.
Nature Communications 11, no. 1 (2020).
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Diagnostic Accuracy of Four Levels of Manual Compression Applied in Supersonic Shear Wave Elastography of the Breast.
Chamming's, F., C. Hangard, J.-L. Gennisson, C. Reinhold, and L. S. Fournier.
Academic Radiology (2020).
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