| 2019/09/18 18:40 |

The cochlea seen as an active metamaterial

The human ear is a fascinating sensor, being able of detecting a range of sounds spanning ten octaves in frequency and twelve orders of magnitude in amplitude. These exceptional properties are (...)

| 2019/09/18 18:19 |

PhD defense of Léo Puyo

Léo PUYO will defend his PhD thesis entitled Clinical application of laser Doppler holography in ophthamology, on September 30th at 1pm in the amphitheater, 1 rue Jussieu. Abstract This PhD thesis (...)

| 2019/07/24 18:15 |

Choroidal vasculature revealed by laser Doppler holography

The choroid is one of the most perfused tissues of the body which is vital to a proper functioning of the retina. The choroidal vasculature plays a central role in the pathophysiology of (...)

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Dielectric nanoantennas to manipulate solid-state light emission.
Bidault, S., M. Mivelle, and N. Bonod.
Journal of Applied Physics 126, no. 9 (2019).
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Enhancing surface coil sensitive volume with hybridized electric dipoles at 17.2 T.
Dubois, M., T. S. Vergara Gomez, C. Jouvaud, A. Ourir, J. de Rosny, F. Kober, R. Abdeddaim, S. Enoch, and L. Ciobanu.
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 307 (2019).
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Reconfigurable compact antenna for spatial modulation mimo communications.
Rachedi, K., A. Ourir, D. - T. Phan-Hu, and J. de Rosny.
International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation 9, no. 3 (2019): 218–227.
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Fabrication and characterization of optical nanofiber interferometer and resonator for the visible range.
Ding, C., V. Loo, S. Pigeon, R. Gautier, M. Joos, E. Wu, E. Giacobino, A. Bramati, and Q. Glorieux.
New Journal of Physics 21, no. 7 (2019).
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