| 2020/12/27 18:11 |

Full-field OCT for retinal imaging: number 2 among the most downloaded OCT papers from Biomedical Optics Express

The paper High-resolution in-vivo human retinal imaging using full-field OCT with optical stabilization of axial motion by Pedro Mecê, Jules Scholler, Kassandra Groux and Claude Boccara (Institut (...)

| 2020/12/21 12:08 |

Rémi Carminati appointed VP for Research at PSL University

Rémi Carminati, Professor at ESPCI Paris - PSL and Director of Research from 2015 to 2019, has just been appointed Vice President for Research of the PSL University, of which the school is one of (...)

| 2020/11/26 10:28 |

Elastic waves in a soft strip

Soft materials are very interesting to study from a wave point of view. Due to their nearly incompressible nature there is a huge contrast between the velocities of longitudinal and transverse (...)

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Probing intermittency and reversibility in a dense granular suspension under shear using multiply scattered ultrasound
Léopoldès, J., and X. Jia
Soft Matter 16, no. 47, 10716-10722 (2020)
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Localization of unbounded contacts on vibrating elastic plates
Farin, M., C. Palerm, C. Prada, and J. De Rosny
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 148, no. 6, 3455-3466 (2020)
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Full-field optical coherence tomography: Novel imaging technique for extemporaneous high-resolution analysis of mucosal architecture in human gut biopsies
Quénéhervé, L., R. Olivier, M. J. Gora, C. Bossard, J. F. Mosnier, E. Benoit A La Guillaume, C. Boccara, C. Brochard, M. Neunlist, and E. Coron
Gut 70, no. 1, 6-8 (2021)
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Observations of symmetry-induced topological mode steering in a reconfigurable elastic plate
Tang, K., M. Makwana, R. V. Craster, and P. Sebbah
Physical Review B 102, no. 21 (2020)
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