| 2016/10/06 15:59 |

A Turing machine with wave memory

Computers possess a number discrete memories containing digital information. This quantization is fundamentally related to the fact that the information is stored using discrete entities, such as (...)

| 2016/07/15 09:46 |

When disorder can lead to transparency

Researchers of the Langevin Institute have recently shown that some disordered media called "hyperuniform" can be both dense and transparent. This surprising discovery allowing a new control of (...)

| 2016/07/12 12:20 |

Une nouvelle approche du retournement temporel

Peut-on faire revivre à une onde sa vie passée ? Ce problème a été largement étudié à l’ESPCI Paris, notamment dans le cas des ondes acoustiques et électromagnétiques. Le procédé, appelé « miroir à (...)

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Last publications

Full-field spatially incoherent illumination interferometry: a spatial resolution almost insensitive to aberrations.
Xiao, P., M. Fink, and A. C. Boccara.
Optics Letters 41, no. 17 (2016): 3920–3923.
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Sound velocity fluctuations in confined granular materials: Coarse-graining lengths and elastic heterogeneities.
Van Den Wildenberg, S., A. Tourin, and X. Jia.
Epl 115, no. 3 (2016).
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Multiple scattering of polarized light in disordered media exhibiting short-range structural correlations.
Vynck, K., R. Pierrat, and R. Carminati.
Physical Review A 94, no. 3 (2016).
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Spatiotemporal Wave Front Shaping in a Microwave Cavity.
Del Hougne, P., F. Lemoult, M. Fink, and G. Lerosey.
Physical Review Letters 117, no. 13 (2016).
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