| 2019/04/25 11:11 |

The unjamming transition in a dense granular suspension probed with an ultrafast ultrasound scanner

Researchers from Institut Langevin have sucessfully measured the speed of the Rayleigh-like wave propagating along the surface of a dense granular suspension under shear oscillation (a few (...)

| 2019/04/19 15:58 |

Water wave propagation control by vibrating a bath vertically

Can we draw analogies from optics to control the waves on the surface of a liquid? Researchers from the Langevin Institute (ESPCI Paris / CNRS) and the PMMH laboratory (ESPCI Paris / CNRS) have (...)

| 2019/04/17 11:37 |

Wavefront shaping in complex media for analog computation

Performing linear operations using optical devices is a crucial building block in many fields ranging from telecommunications to optical analog computation and machine learning. For many of these (...)

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Coherent light propagation through cold atomic clouds beyond the independent scattering approximation.
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Ultrasonic tracking of a sinking ball in a vibrated dense granular suspension.
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Enhanced absorption of waves in stealth hyperuniform disordered media.
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