| 2022/12/04 19:26 |

Online "wavinar" on waves in complex media, December 15th

The French Optical Society (SFO), the GDR Ondes and the GDR Complexe organize their next "wavinar" on the wavefront shaping in complex media, focusing on the seminal paper by I. Vellekoop and A. (...)

| 2022/11/28 11:26 |

An analog optical processor for filtering radiofrequency signals

The growing congestion of the electromagnetic spectrum requires higher performances for systems aiming at monitoring the electromagnetic environnement. Digital approaches, although constantly (...)

| 2022/11/24 10:55 |

3ω non-linear femtosecond gating for the characterization of highly scattering media

The development of optical medical imaging systems often requires the use of biological phantoms with properties close to those of biological tissues. In this respect, phantoms are often made (...)

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Statistical Approach to Estimating Audience from MAC-Randomized WiFi Probe Requests
Yang, F., I. Ahriz, and B. Denby
Sensors 22, no. 22, 8679 (2022)
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Tailoring Instantaneous Time Mirrors for Time Reversal Focusing in Absorbing Media
Wu, C. T., N. M. Nobre, E. Fort, G. D. Riley, and F. Costen
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 70, no. 10, 9630-9640 (2022)
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Third-order nonlinear femtosecond optical gating through highly scattering media
Bocoum, M., Z. Cheng, J. Kaur, and R. Lopez-Martens
Physical Review A 106, no. 5 (2022)
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Negative refraction in a single-phase flexural metamaterial with hyperbolic dispersion
Marigo, J. J., A. Maurel, and K. Pham
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 170 (2023)
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