| 2017/11/10 17:40 |

Quand la lumière est insensible à la microstructure du milieu

Que ce soit à travers un verre d’eau transparent, ou un verre de lait opaque, la longueur moyenne des chemins empruntés par la lumière reste la même. Ce résultat étonnant est le fruit de plusieurs (...)

| 2017/11/06 15:05 |

Mafalda Correia awarded by the Chancellery of Paris Universities for her PhD thesis

Mafalda Correia has been awarded with the Prize Louis Forest in medicine by the Chancellery of Paris Universities for her PhD thesis entitled ""From 2D to 3D cardiovascular ultrafast ultrasound (...)

| 2017/10/26 12:47 |

Myriade: a new start-up from the Langevin Institute

With the help of Quattrocento, a specialized structure in the creation of innovative companies, the Langevin Institute and PSL Research University created the start-up called Myriade for the (...)

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