| 2016/11/23 11:34 |

In search of the very rare ’panda’ bat along the Congo river

In november-december 2013, biologists from the University of Kisangani, of the Institute for Systematic, Evolution, Biodiversity, from the Center for ecology and conservation sciences as well as (...)

| 2016/10/06 15:59 |

A Turing machine with wave memory

Computers possess a number discrete memories containing digital information. This quantization is fundamentally related to the fact that the information is stored using discrete entities, such as (...)

| 2016/07/15 09:46 |

When disorder can lead to transparency

Researchers of the Langevin Institute have recently shown that some disordered media called "hyperuniform" can be both dense and transparent. This surprising discovery allowing a new control of (...)

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Last publications

A machine learning approach to identify functional biomarkers in human prefrontal cortex for individuals with traumatic brain injury using functional near-infrared spectroscopy.
Karamzadeh, N., F. Amyot, K. Kenney, A. Anderson, F. Chowdhry, H. Dashtestani, E. M. Wassermann, V. Chernomordik, C. Boccara, E. Wegman et al.
Brain And Behavior 6, no. 11 (2016).
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Intracellular dynamics measurements with full field optical coherence tomography suggest hindering effect of actomyosin contractility on organelle transport.
Leroux, C. - E., F. Bertillot, O. Thouvenin, and A. - C. Boccara.
Biomedical Optics Express 7, no. 11 (2016): 4501–4513.
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Laser beam shaping for enhanced Zero-Group Velocity Lamb modes generation.
Bruno, F., J. Laurent, P. Jehanno, D. Royer, and C. Prada.
Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America 140, no. 4 (2016): 2829–2838.
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Nondestructive measurement of the roughness of the inner surface of hollow core-photonic bandgap fibers.
Buet, X., C. Brun, J. Gateau, B. Bresson, S. R. Sandoghchi, E. N. Fokoua, M. Petrovich, F. Poletti, D. Richardson, D. Vandembroucq et al.
Optics Letters 41, no. 21 (2016): 5086–5089.
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