| 2019/12/20 16:34 |

The Innovation Center was awarded the prize of the Paris Club of Directors of Innovation

On December 12, 2019, the Innovation Center of the Langevin Institute was awarded the prize of the Paris Club of Directors of Innovation. This award recognizes the innovation strategy implemented (...)

| 2019/12/17 18:55 |

Thematic school in Les Houches: Waves in complex media

A thematic school entitled "Waves in complex media: From theory to practice" is organized by GDR Complexe and the French Optical Society at Les Houches from 14th to 24th of April 2020. (...)

| 2019/11/25 17:42 |

Mathias Fink, Highly cited researcher for 2019

Each year, the Web of Science Group identifies the world’s most influential researchers by selecting those who have been most frequently cited by their peers over the last decade. In 2019, fewer (...)

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Multimodal method for the scattering by an array of plates connected to an elastic half-space.
Maurel, A., and K. Pham.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 146, no. 6 (2019): 4402–4412.
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Optimizing Light Storage in Scattering Media with the Dwell-Time Operator.
Durand, M., S. M. Popoff, R. Carminati, and A. Goetschy.
Physical Review Letters 123, no. 24 (2019).
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Mimicking the cochlea with an active acoustic metamaterial.
Rupin, M., G. Lerosey, J. De Rosny, and F. Lemoult.
New Journal of Physics 21, no. 9 (2019).
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Perfect Brewster transmission through ultrathin perforated films.
Pham, K., A. Maurel, J. F. Mercier, S. Félix, M. L. Cordero, and C. Horvath.
Wave Motion 93 (2020).
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