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- J. Heintz, N. Markesevic, E. Y. Gayet, N. Bonod and S. Bidault, Few-Molecule Strong Coupling with Dimers of Plasmonic Nanoparticles Assembled on DNA, ACS Nano DOI : 10.1021/acsnano.1c04552 (2021)
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- S. Bidault, A. Devilez, V. Maillard, L. Lermusiaux, J.-M. Guigner, N. Bonod, and J. Wenger, Picosecond Lifetimes with High Quantum Yields from Single-Photon-Emitting Colloidal Nanostructures at Room Temperature, ACS Nano 10, 4806 (2016)
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- S. Brasselet, S. Bidault and J. Zyss, Photoinduced multipolar tensorial patterning in polymer films by coherent control of molecular orientation, C. R. Physique 3, 479-492 (2002)

Theses & other documents

PDF - 3.6 Mo
Nano-Antennes Assemblées sur ADN et Alimentées par un Émetteur Quantique Unique / DNA templated nanoantennas driven by a single quantum emitter, Mickaël Busson (PhD Thesis, 2013)
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Nanostructures plasmoniques dynamiques assemblées sur ADN / DNA-templated dynamic plasmon-based nanostructures, Laurent Lermusiaux (PhD Thesis, 2015)

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