Scientific activities of the team nanophotonics are plasmonics and optical antennas, thermal radiation at subwavelength scales and the study of the near-field interactions of fluorescent quantum emitters with nanostructures. For more information :

Recent publications

Structure and dynamics of multicellular assemblies measured by coherent light scattering.
Brunel, B., C. Blanch, A. Gourrier, V. Petrolli, A. Delon, J. F. Joanny, R. Carminati, R. Pierrat, and G. Cappello.
New Journal of Physics 19, no. 7 (2017).
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Spatial correlations of the spontaneous decay rate as a probe of dense and correlated disordered materials.
Leseur, O., R. Pierrat, and R. Carminati.
European Physical Journal: Special Topics 226, no. 7 (2017): 1423–1432.
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Causality, Nonlocality, and Negative Refraction.
Forcella, D., C. Prada, and R. Carminati.
Physical Review Letters 118, no. 13 (2017).
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Correlated blinking of fluorescent emitters mediated by single plasmons.
Bouchet, D., E. Lhuillier, S. Ithurria, A. Gulinatti, I. Rech, R. Carminati, Y. De Wilde, and V. Krachmalnicoff.
Physical Review A – Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 95, no. 3 (2017).
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Temperature of a nanoparticle above a substrate under radiative heating and cooling.
Kallel, H., R. Carminati, and K. Joulain.
Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 95, no. 11 (2017).
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Enhancement and Inhibition of Spontaneous Photon Emission by Resonant Silicon Nanoantennas.
Bouchet, D., M. Mivelle, J. Proust, B. Gallas, I. Ozerov, M. F. Garcia-Parajo, A. Gulinatti, I. Rech, Y. De Wilde, N. Bonod et al.
Physical Review Applied 6, no. 6 (2016).
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Multiple scattering of polarized light in disordered media exhibiting short-range structural correlations.
Vynck, K., R. Pierrat, and R. Carminati.
Physical Review A 94, no. 3 (2016).
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High-density hyperuniform materials can be transparent.
Leseur, O., R. Pierrat, and R. Carminati.
Optica 3, no. 7 (2016): 763–767.
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