Scientific activities of the team nanophotonics are plasmonics and optical antennas, thermal radiation at subwavelength scales and the study of the near-field interactions of fluorescent quantum emitters with nanostructures. For more information :

Recent publications

Degree of polarization of light scattered from correlated surface and bulk disorders
Banon, J. P., I. Simonsen, and R. Carminati
Optics Express 31, no. 17, 28026-28039 (2023)
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Non-destructive analysis of paintings by full field mid-IR tomography
Boccara, A. C., Y. De Wilde, H. Bourdon, and J.-M. Chassot
Photonic Instrumentation Engineering IX (2022)
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Principles of Scattering and Transport of Light
Carminati, R., and J. Schotland
Livre (2021)
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Modeling of full-field optical coherence tomography in scattering media
Tricoli, U., and R. Carminati
Journal of the Optical Society of America A 36, no. 11, C122 (2019)
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Speckle Decorrelation in Fundamental and Second-Harmonic Light Scattered from Nonlinear Disorder
Samanta, R., R. Pierrat, R. Carminati, and S. Mujumdar
Physical Review Applied 18, no. 5 (2022)
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Transition from Phononic to Geometrical Mie Modes Measured in Single Subwavelength Polar Dielectric Spheres
Abou-Hamdan, L., L. Coudrat, S. Bidault, V. Krachmalnicoff, R. Haïdar, P. Bouchon, and Y. De Wilde
ACS Photonics 9, no. 7, 2295-2303 (2022)
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Extended Hybridization and Energy Transfer in Periodic Multi-Material Organic Structures in Strong Coupling with Surface Plasmon
Bard, A., S. Minot, C. Symonds, J. M. Benoit, A. Gassenq, F. Bessueille, B. Andrioletti, C. Perez, K. Chevrier, Y. De Wilde, V. Krachmalnicoff, and J. Bellessa
Advanced Optical Materials (2022)
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Method to measure the refractive index for photoluminescence modelling
Bailly, E., K. Chevrier, C. P. De La Vega, J. P. Hugonin, Y. De Wilde, V. Krachmalnicoff, B. Vest, and J. J. Greffet
Optical Materials Express 12, no. 7, 2772-2781 (2022)
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