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 09/2019 With Nicolas Bonod (Institut Fresnel) and Mathieu Mivelle (INSP), we publish a perspective article in the Journal of Applied Physics that discusses the novel field of high-index nanoantennas and their ability to manipulate solid-state light emission at room temperature.
 03/2019 In a collaborative work with INSP in Paris, Institut Fresnel in Marseille and IBM in San Jose, published in Advanced Optical Materials, we demonstrate how novel concepts of deep learning and genetic algorithms can be used to design optimized silicon-based resonators that feature strong local enhancements of the magnetic component of light.
 03/2019 We welcome a new MSc student Francesca Legittimo.

 10/2018 We welcome a new PhD student Jeanne Heintz.
 08/2018 Our work on the temperature-dependent optical response of DNA-linked gold nanoparticle dimers is published in a special issue of Langmuir devoted to Nucleic Acids Nanoscience at Interfaces.
 07/2018 Our group coorganized the 2018 GOLD Conference in Paris. Thanks to all the plenary & keynote speakers for their inspiring presentations, and to all contributors and attendees who turned this conference into a success !
 04/2018 With our collaborators from Paris, Barcelona and Marseille, we just published in Nano Letters a study on the control of magnetic and electric spontaneous emission from rare-earth ions using hollow silicon resonators. Congrats Mathieu on the beautiful work.
 02/2018 Sebastien highlighted the work of the group at SPIE Photonics West giving 2 invited and 4 contributed talks.

 10/2017 We welcome two new PhD students Elise Gayet and Gauthier Roubaud.
 09/2017 The whole group made the trip to the beautiful island of Porquerolles for the fourth International Summer School on Plasmonics... and to enjoy the scenery. Thanks Nicolas for a great workshop.
 06/2017 We co-organized a summer school on Nanosciences near Paris. Thanks to all the local organization committee for a great workshop.
 05/2017 Sebastien gave an invited talk at the DNATec conference in Dresden to discuss some of our recent work combining DNA nanotechnology and plasmonics.
 01/2017 Sebastien gave an invited seminar at the CINAM laboratory in Marseille. Thanks Igor for the kind invitation.

 12/2016 Our work on the control of spontaneous photon emission rates by silicon nanoantennas is published in Phys. Rev. Applied.. Many thanks to all our collaborators in Marseille, Paris, Barcelona and Italy for this nice study.
 07/2016 Sebastien gave an invited presentation at the META’16 conference in Torremolinos. Thanks Jérôme for the invitation.
 07/2016 Sebastien gave an invited talk at the national meeting of the French optical society in Bordeaux. Thanks Celine for a great workshop.
 06/2016 We co-organized a summer school on Nanosciences near Paris
 06/2016 As shown in a collaborative article published in Nano Letters, silicon nanoantennas can significantly enhance the fluorescence intensity of single molecules. Thanks Nicolas and Jérôme for including us in this new project.
 06/2016 Sébastien gave an invited presentation at the workshop of the COST action on Nanoscale Quantum Optics in Marseille. Thanks Nicolas for the invitation.
 04/2016 Our collaborative study of FRET in plasmonic nanoantennas is published in ACS Photonics.
 03/2016 The programmed assembly of short DNA strands is an excellent and reproducible way to synthesize bright single photon sources with picosecond lifetimes : this is what we demonstrate in a paper just published in ACS Nano.
 03/2016 With Nicolas Bonod from Institut Fresnel in Marseille, we just published a perspective article (in french) on optical nanonatennas in the journal Reflets de la Physique.
 03/2016 Our work on optimized colloidal single-photon-emitters is published in ACS Nano
 02/2016 Sébastien gave an invited talk in the Plasmonics in Biology and Medicine symposium at SPIE Photonics West.
 01/2016 Welcome to Dr. Nemanja Markesevic who joins our group as a post-doctoral researcher.

 12/2015 Sebastien gave an invited talk at the DNA Nanotechnology meets Plasmonics worshop in Bad-Honnef. Thanks Laura and Tim for a great meeting.
 12/2015 Mathieu is leaving us to join the Nanosciences Institute of Paris (INSP) as a CNRS researcher. Congratulations on the new position !
 10/2015 Sebastien organized an exhibit of scientific images for the 2015 International Year of light that are on display at ESPCI in Paris until June 2016
 09/2015 Laurent’s work on the morphological stability of DNA-templated nanostructures is published in Small
 07/2015 The French National Research Agency (ANR) will fund our work on dynamic DNA-based sensors in collaboration with Dr. Gaëtan Bellot from IGF in Montpellier
 07/2015 Sébastien gave an invited talk at the IEEE Nano conference in Rome
 06/2015 We co-organized a summer school on Nanosciences near Paris
 06/2015 Sébastien gave an invited talk at the GLEAM conference in Cachan
 03/2015 Welcome to Dr. Mathieu Mivelle who joins our group as a postodctoral researcher
 01/2015 Congratulations to Dr. Laurent Lermusiaux who successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled DNA-templated dynamic plasmon-based nanostructures (Nanostructures plasmoniques dynamiques assemblées sur ADN)
 01/2015 Laurent’s work on the colorimetric monitoring of nanometer distance changes in DNA-templated nanostrucutres is published in ACS Nano.

 06/2014 Sébastien gave three invited lectures at the summer school of the European Master program Monabiphot in Anglet. Thanks Isabelle and Jo for the invitation.
 06/2014 We co-organized a summer school on Nanosciences near Paris.
 05/2014 Sébastien gave an invited talk at the DNA-Based Nanotechnology workshop in Dresden. Thanks Michael Mertig, Clemens Richert and Hao Yan for a truly inspiring meeting.
 02/2014 Sébastien gave an invited seminar at the Material Science and Engineering department of Stanford University. Thanks Jen for the invitation.
 02/2014 Sébastien gave an invited talk at Photonics West in San Francisco in the exciting symposium : Colloidal Naoparticles for Biomedical Applications.
 01/2014 Sébastien succesfully defended his habilitation (HDR) based on a research thesis entitled "Photonic engineering of light-matter interactions in nanometer-sized optical antennas"

 11/2013 Congratulations to Dr. Mickaël Busson who receives the national PhD thesis prize for interdisciplinary sciences from C’Nano (a french foundation devoted to Nanosciences) for his work performed in our group.
 10/2013 Région Ile de France will fund our research project "SPOON" to develop a confocal microscope for the spectroscopic study of individual colloidal nanostructures.
 07/2013 Sébastien gave a lecture on molecular plasmonics during the international summer school on plasmonics that took place on the island of Corsica at the end of July.
 06/2013 We co-organized a summer school on Nanosciences that took place in June in a golf resort near Paris.
 01/2013 Mickaël Busson successfully defended his PhD thesis entiteld "Nano-Antennes Assemblées sur ADN et Alimentées par un Émetteur Quantique Unique" (DNA templated nanoantennas driven by a single quantum emitter").

 07/2012 Our work on dye molecule driven nanoantennas published in Nature Communications was highlighted by several French science outreach sites for the general public (Sciences & Avenir, Futura-Sciences,

 06/2011 Our research proposals "DNAntenna" and "TWINS" were selected by the French National Research Agency (ANR)
 06/2011 Région Ile de France will fund our research project "NADAA" on dynamic DNA templated gold nanostructures

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