Former Members

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Post-doctoral researchers
 Dr. Mathieu Mivelle (2015), now CNRS research scientist at INSP
 Dr. Nemanja Markesevic (2016-2018), now post-dotoral researcher at University of Jyväskylä

PhD Students
 Dr. Jeanne Heintz (2018-2021), now highschool teacher
 Dr. Elise Gayet (2017-2021), now research engineer at Kimialys
 Dr. Gauthier Roubaud (2017-2020), now research engineer at DGA
 Dr. Laurent Lermusiaux (2011-2015), now post-doctoral researcher at ENS Lyon
 Dr. Pierre Bondareff (2011-2014), now CPGE professor
 Dr. Mickaël Busson (2009-2013), now research engineer at Saint Gobain

Undergraduate and MSc Students
 Francesca Legittimo (2019)
 Amédée Lacraz (2012)
 Alexandra Sereda (2010)
 Benjamin Portier (2009)
 Edouard Schmitt (2009)

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