Recent Developments in Wave Physics of Complex Media 2011

Recent Developments in Wave Physics of Complex Media

May 2d - 7th, 2011
Institut Scientifique de Cargèse, Corsica, France

NEWS : 24/05/2011: Slides of presentations are available Here

Scientific committee : Pr. C. Boccara, Pr. M. Fink (director), Pr. G. Maret, Pr. J. Pendry.

Two years ago, the Institut Langevin has organized a summer school on non-conventional focusing and imaging techniques. The school gathered researchers and students from around the word. The success of the school encourages us to organize a new session.
For this school entitled “Recent Developments in Wave Physics of Complex Media”, some of the best researchers in optics, acoustics, microwave will present the exciting progress realized during these last years in wave propagation through complex media. Lectures will be given on many different fields : meta-material, photonic and acoustic crystals, gratings, wave localization, negative refraction, random laser, coherent control of wave fields in complex media, multi-wave imaging. As the previous summer school, the aim is to gather all those different communities so that they can present their contributions, explain their motivations, and exchange with others.
This school is especially devoted to the young generation of scientist (PhD, post-doc, young scientist) from all around the world. That is why we will financially support many PhD students. A poster session will be also organized so the participants can show their works to each others and to some of the best physicists.

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