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Optical coherent detection through multi-scattering media by wave-mixing cleaning effect in liquid-crystal OASLM
Bortolozzo, U., S. Residori, F. Ramaz, and J. P. Huignard
Optics Letters 48, no. 15, 3969-3972 (2023)
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Dynamic full-field optical coherence tomography for live-cell imaging and growth-phase monitoring in Aspergillus fumigatus
Maldiney, T., D. Garcia-Hermoso, E. Sitterlé, J.-M. Chassot, O. Thouvenin, C. Boccara, M. Blot, L. Piroth, J.-P. Quenot, P.-E. Charles, V. Aimanianda, B. Podac, L. Boulnois, F. Dalle, M. Sautour, M.-E. Bougnoux, and F. Lanternier
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 13 (2023)
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Abnormalities in the retinal capillary plexuses in coasts disease in adulthood on optical coherence tomography angiography
Krivosic, V., P. Mecê, C. Dulière, C. Lavia, S. Zegrari, R. Tadayoni, and A. Gaudric
Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.) 43, no. 9, 1514-1524 (2023)
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Real-time detection of virus antibody interaction by label-free common-path interferometry
Alhaddad, S., H. Bey, O. Thouvenin, P. Boulanger, C. Boccara, M. Boccara, and I. Izeddin
Biophysical Reports 3, no. 3, 100119 (2023)
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