The Magic of waves

International Colloquium in honor of Mathias Fink’s 70th birthday

Thursday and Friday, November 5-6, 2015

Amphithéâtre Langevin, ESPCI, 10 rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris, France

The Institut Langevin is organising an international scientific conference in honour of its founder, Mathias Fink, who celebrates his 70th birthday.

Mathias Fink is Professor at the ESPCI, member of the French Academy of Science and member of the Academy of technology. He held the Lilian Bettencourt chair of Technological Innovation at the Collège de France in 2009. He is an internationally recognised researcher in wave propagation and imaging. In the early 70’s he actively participated in the development of the first medical ultrasound scanners. He then worked on the analogies between acoustics, optics and quantum mechanical waves. In 1990, he created at ESPCI the Ondes et Acoustique laboratory where he developed the first Time Reversal Mirrors. These devices are able to capture a wavefield and to make it revive its past and converge at its initial source. First developed in acoustics, the concept of time reversal has then been transposed to microwaves, water waves and even optical waves. Time Reversal Mirrors found numerous applications in medicine, underwater acoustics, wireless communications and domotics. Mathias Fink is also the inventor of the Transient Elastography technique, which is able to produce elasticity images of biological tissues. Two widely used instruments came from this invention: the Fibroscan commercialised by the Echosens company and the Aixplorer commercialised by the Supersonic Imagine company. Mathias Fink’s scientific activity is an example of a successful balance between high-level fundamental research, applied research and start-ups. The start-ups born from his work employ more than 300 people.

In 2009, Mathias Fink founded the Institut Langevin from his own laboratory and the Optical Physics laboratory, which was then headed by Claude Boccara. The Langevin Institute, which is affiliated to ESPCI and CNRS, brings together high-level fundamental research, applied research and business creation in a very multi-disciplinary spirit.

In the spirit of the pioneering works led by Mathias Fink, famous scientist will present the most recent advances in the physics of waves in such varied fields as quantum physics, acoustical and optical waves in complex media, medical imaging, seismology and underwater acoustics. In the context of the International Year of Light, a special emphasis will be put on subjects related to optics.

«Not only is it possible but also highly beneficial to associate fundamental research, innovation and pluridisciplinarity within the same academic laboratory» - Prof. Mathias Fink (Inaugural lecture at the Collège de France, given on Thursday 12th February 2009)

Conference Topics

  • Acoustics
  • Optics
  • Wave-particle duality
  • Mathematical methods for wave propagation and imaging
  • Time reversal
  • Waves in complex media
  • Advanced sensing and Imaging methods
  • Subwavelength physics, nanophotonics
  • Wave physics for medicine
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Seismology

Partial list of invited speakers

  • A. Aspect
  • C. Boccara
  • M. Campillo
  • J-F. Cardoso
  • R. Carminati
  • S. Catheline
  • M-P. Comets
  • Y. Couder
  • B. Daugeras
  • M. Fink
  • J. Greenleaf
  • J-F. Joanny

First program

Thursday, the 5th of November 2015
08:30–09:00    Coffee
09:00–09:30    Welcome and opening chaired by A. Tourin
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09:30–10:00    M. Fink – Wave control with space-time manipulations
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10:00–10:45    A. Aspect – Anderson localisation and time-reversal for de Broglie waves
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10:45–11:15    Coffee break
11:15–12:00    Y. Couder – The dual character of particles driven by memory-storing standing waves
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12:00–12:30    J.-F. Cardoso – The Planck mission: the quest for the oldest image in (of) the Universe
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12:30–14:00    Lunch
14:00–14:5    B. Kuperman – Phase conjugation in the ocean
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14:45–15:15    M. Campillo – From time reversal to passive seismic imaging
PNG - 983 bytes
15:15–15:45    J.-P. Montagner – From time-reversal to seismic monitoring
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15:45–16:15    Coffee break
16:15–17:00    M. Segev – Sparsity-based super-resolution and subwavelength imaging
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17:00–17:45    G. Maret – Functional DWS-Imaging to study magnetoreception in homing pigeons
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17:45–18:15    R. Carminati – Imaginary Green’s functions and intrinsic spatial coherence
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Friday, the 6th of November 2015
08:30–09:00    Coffee
09:00–11:00    Special round table chaired by D. Raffini (Head of Innovation Center, Institut Langevin) – From academic research to startups with M-P. Comets (Director of the Innovation board « DIRE », CNRS), B. Daugeras (Auriga Partners), M. Fink (Institut Langevin), J-A. Sahel (Director, Institut de la Vision) and J. Souquet (Vice-president and Director of Innovation, SuperSonic Imagine)
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11:00–11:30    Coffee break
11:30–12:15    G. Papanicolaou – Coherence and its effect on imaging
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12:15–13:30    Lunch
13:30–14:15    A. Lagendijk – Wavefront Shaping
14:15–14:45    B. A. Van Tiggelen – Mesoscopic physics of elastic waves: theory and experiment go together
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14:45–15:15    C. Boccara – The Langevin Institute: waves…a little, a lot, passionately
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15:15–15:45    Coffee break
15:45–16:30    J. Greenleaf – Some applications of shear wave viscoelasticity
PNG - 983 bytes
16:30–17:00    S. Catheline – From time reversal to elastography
PNG - 983 bytes
17:00–17:30    P. Roux – Metamaterials at the geophysics scale: how to manipulate seismic waves
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17:30–18:00    J-F. Joanny - Closure
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Registration compulsory and free before October 20, 2015.

Registrations are now closed.

For further information, please contact: Laurine Simandre (mail, +33 (0)180 963 040)

Organizing Committee

A. Baelde, V. Bacot, P. Daenens, C. Jacquet, N. Pecourt, R. Pierrat, J. Robin, L. Simandre, A. Tourin, M. Vernier.