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Reflection matrix for wave imaging Dr. Alexandre Aubry – ESPCI Paris - PSL, CNRS
The impact of partial order on multiple scattering and absorption of light Pr. Rémi Carminati – ESPCI Paris - PSL
Quantum communications Dr. Eleni Diamanti – Sorbonne Université
Bayesian inference and variational approximations for phase-retrieval problems Pr. Angélique Drémeau – ENSTA Bretagne
Anderson localization and localization landscape Pr. Marcel Filoche – École Polytechnique
Wavefront shaping for wireless telecommunications in complex media Pr. Mathias Fink – ESPCI Paris - PSL
Imaging in complex media Pr. Sylvain Gigan – Sorbonne Université
Towards Anderson localization of light in 3D by cold atoms Dr. Robin Kaiser – InPhyNi
Optical nanostructures Pr. Agnès Maître – Sorbonne Université
Microwave photonics and RF sensing Dr. Perrine Berger – Thales Research and Technology
Quantum light in complex media Dr. Yaron Bromberg – Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Physics and Application of Complex Lasers Pr. Hui Cao – Yale University
Surprising light transport in white paint (and related advances in 3D Anderson localization) Dr. Laura Cobus – University of Auckland
Reflectionless states in complex media Dr. Matthieu Davy – Université de Rennes 1
Water waves : a playground for time-varying media Pr. Emmanuel Fort – ESPCI Paris - PSL
Wavefront shaping in the microwave domain : from concepts to applications Dr. Geoffroy Lerosey – Greenerwave
Nonlinear optics in driven-dissipative polariton lattices Dr. Sylvain Ravets – Université Paris Saclay, CNRS
Multiscale acoustics in dense granular matter ; geophysical implications Pr. Xiaoping Jia – ESPCI Paris - PSL, Université Gustave Eiffel

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