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Acoustic to optical imaging in scattering media Pr. Mathias Fink – ESPCI Paris - PSL
Fluids of light in semiconductor lattice Dr. Jacqueline Bloch – Université Paris Saclay
Photonic topological insulators Pr. Mordechai Segev – Technion
Localization landscape Pr. Marcel Filoche – École Polytechnique
4D metamaterials Pr. Nader Engheta – University of Pennsylvania
Wave propagation in complex media Pr. Stefan Rotter – TU Wien
Resonant acoustic metamaterials Pr. Ping Sheng – HKUST, Hong Kong
Electromagnetic metamaterials Pr. David Smith – Duke University
Harnessing universal symmetries for extreme wave phenomena Pr. Andrea Alu – City University of New York
Coherent effects in disordered optical systems Dr. Yaron Bromberg – Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Light control in multimode disordered systems Pr. Hui Cao – Yale University
Correlated disorder in optics Pr. Rémi Carminati – ESPCI Paris - PSL
Optics in disordered media Pr. Ad Lagendijk – University of Twente
Multimode optical telecommunications Dr. Joel Carpenter – University of Queensland
Bubble-based acoustic metamaterials Pr. Arnaud Tourin – ESPCI Paris - PSL
Perfect Coherent Absorbers (CPA) and their Exceptional Points (EP) in
Non-linear System - A theoretical and experimental microwave study
Pr. Ulrich Kuhl – Université Côte d’Azur
Seismic waves metamaterials Dr. Philippe Roux – University Grenoble Alpes
Optical signal processing in disordered waveguides Dr. George C. Valley – Aerospace Corporation
Nanoscale light manipulation and optimization Pr. Jelena Vuckovic – Stanford University

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