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Thesis O.Couture

- Doctor of Philosophy in Medical BiophysicsUniversity of Toronto (2001-2007, reclassified to PhD in 2003) — Thesis supervisor : F. Stuart Foster (Senior scientist, associate-chair MBP) — Advisers : Peter N. Burns, Donald Plewes
- Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honours program)McGill University (1998-2001)

Research Experience / Expériences en Recherche

Tenured Research Associate / Chargé de recherche CNRS
Institut Langevin, CNRS, ESPCI (2010-Present)
- Ultrasound-induced Drug delivery
- Ultrasound super-resolution
- Detection of targeted ultrasound contrast agents
- Sonoporation
- Ultrafast acoustic imaging

Postdoctoral researchInstitut Langevin, Laboratoire Ondes et Acoustique, ESPCI (2007-2010) Research advisers : Drs. Mickael Tanter and Mathias Fink
- Development of ultrasound therapy focused on the underlying biology of disease using time-reversal of waves and targeted contrast agents.
- Development of ultrasound-induced drug-carrying agents in microfluidics.

Doctoral research Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto (2001-2007) — Research adviser : Dr. F. Stuart Foster
- Development of nanoparticles for ultrasound contrast enhancement at high frequencies
- Investigation of the acoustical behaviour of contrast agents in solution and bound to a surface
- Theoretical analysis of the scattering of various targeted contrast agents in large densities.




A versatile and robust microfluidic device for capillary-sized simple or multiple emulsions production.
Teston, E., V. Hingot, V. Faugeras, C. Errico, M. Bezagu, M. Tanter, and O. Couture.
Biomedical microdevices 20, no. 4 (2018): 94.
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Novel Perfluorinated Triblock Amphiphilic Copolymers for Lipid-Shelled Microbubble Stabilization.
Corvis, Y., S. Manta, C. Thebault, O. Couture, H. Dhotel, J. P. Michel, J. Seguin, M. Bessodes, P. Espeau, C. Pichon et al.
Langmuir 34, no. 33 (2018): 9744–9753.
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Comb-Like Fluorophilic-Lipophilic-Hydrophilic Polymers for Nanocapsules as Ultrasound Contrast Agents.
Houvenagel, S., L. Moine, G. Picheth, C. Dejean, A. Brûlet, A. Chennevière, V. Faugeras, N. Huang, O. Couture, and N. Tsapis.
Biomacromolecules 19, no. 8 (2018): 3244–3256.
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Ultrasound localization microscopy and super-resolution: A state of the art.
Couture, O., V. Hingot, B. Heiles, P. Muleki-Seya, and M. Tanter.
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 65, no. 8 (2018): 1304–1320.
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In situ targeted activation of an anticancer agent using ultrasound-triggered release of composite droplets.
Bezagu, M., J. Clarhaut, B. Renoux, F. Monti, M. Tanter, P. Tabeling, J. Cossy, O. Couture, S. Papot, and S. Arseniyadis.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 142 (2017): 2–7.
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Echogenicity enhancement by end-fluorinated polylactide perfluorohexane nanocapsules: Towards ultrasound-activable nanosystems.
Picheth, G., S. Houvenagel, C. Dejean, O. Couture, R. Alves de Freitas, L. Moine, and N. Tsapis.
Acta Biomaterialia 64 (2017): 313–322.
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Cationic microbubbles and antibiotic-free miniplasmid for sustained ultrasound–mediated transgene expression in liver.
Manta, S., G. Renault, A. Delalande, O. Couture, I. Lagoutte, J. Seguin, F. Lager, P. Houzé, P. Midoux, M. Bessodes et al.
Journal of Controlled Release 262 (2017): 170–181.
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End-chain fluorination of polyesters favors perfluorooctyl bromide encapsulation into echogenic PEGylated nanocapsules.
Houvenagel, S., G. Picheth, C. Dejean, A. Brûlet, A. Chennevière, O. Couture, N. Huang, L. Moine, and N. Tsapis.
Polymer Chemistry 8, no. 16 (2017): 2559–2570.
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Subwavelength motion-correction for ultrafast ultrasound localization microscopy.
Hingot, V., C. Errico, M. Tanter, and O. Couture.
Ultrasonics 77 (2017): 17–21.
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Contrast enhanced ultrasound by real-time spatiotemporal filtering of ultrafast images.
Desailly, Y., A. M. Tissier, J. M. Correas, F. Wintzenrieth, M. Tanter, and O. Couture.
Physics in Medicine and Biology 62, no. 1 (2017): 31–42.
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Subwavelength far-field ultrasound drug-delivery.
Hingot, V., M. Bezagu, C. Errico, Y. Desailly, R. Bocheux, M. Tanter, and O. Couture.
Applied Physics Letters 109, no. 19 (2016).
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Ultrafast ultrasound localization microscopy for deep super-resolution vascular imaging.
Errico, C., J. Pierre, S. Pezet, Y. Desailly, Z. Lenkei, O. Couture, and M. Tanter.
Nature 527, no. 7579 (2015): 499–502.
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Resolution limits of ultrafast ultrasound localization microscopy.
Desailly, Y., J. Pierre, O. Couture, and M. Tanter.
Physics in Medicine and Biology 60, no. 22 (2015): 8723–8740.
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Transcranial functional ultrasound imaging of the brain using microbubble-enhanced ultrasensitive Doppler.
Errico, C., B. F. Osmanski, S. Pezet, O. Couture, Z. Lenkei, and M. Tanter.
NeuroImage 124 (2016): 752–761.
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A fast and switchable microfluidic mixer based on ultrasound-induced vaporization of perfluorocarbon.
Bezagu, M., M. Bezagu, S. Arseniyadis, J. Cossy, O. Couture, M. Tanter, F. Monti, and P. Tabeling.
Lab on a Chip – Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology 15, no. 9 (2015): 2025–2029.
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High Spatiotemporal Control of Spontaneous Reactions Using Ultrasound-Triggered Composite Droplets.
Bezagu, M., C. Errico, V. Chaulot-Talmon, F. Monti, M. Tanter, P. Tabeling, J. Cossy, S. Arseniyadis, and O. Couture.
Journal Of The American Chemical Society 136, no. 20 (2014): 7205–7208.
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Sono-activated ultrasound localization microscopy.
Desailly, Y., O. Couture, M. Fink, and M. Tanter.
Applied Physics Letters 103, no. 17 (2013).
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Ultrasound contrast plane wave imaging.
Couture, O., M. Fink, and M. Tanter.
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 59, no. 12 (2012): 2676–2683.
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In vivo targeted delivery of large payloads with an ultrasound clinical scanner.
Couture, O., A. Urban, A. Bretagne, L. Martinez, M. Tanter, and P. Tabeling.
Medical Physics 39, no. 8 (2012): 5229–5237.
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Tumor Delivery of ultrasound contrast agents using shiga toxin B subunit.
Couture, O., E. Dransart, S. Dehay, F. Nemati, D. Decaudin, L. Johannes, and M. Tanter.
Molecular Imaging 10, no. 2 (2011): 135–143.
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Ultrafast Imaging of Ultrasound Contrast Agents.
Couture, O., S. Bannouf, G. Montaldo, J. - F. Aubry, M. Fink, and M. Tanter.
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 35, no. 11 (2009): 1908–1916.
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Time-reversal focusing of therapeutic ultrasound on targeted microbubbles.
Couture, O., J. - F. Aubry, M. Tanter, and M. Fink.
Applied Physics Letters 94, no. 17 (2009).
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Suppression of tissue harmonics for pulse-inversion contrast imaging using time reversal.
Couture, O., J. - F. Aubry, G. Montaldo, M. Tanter, and M. Fink.
Physics in Medicine and Biology 53, no. 19 (2008): 5469–5480.
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- [11] Couture O, Faivre M, Pannacci N, Babataheri A, Servois V, Tabeling P, Tanter M (2011) Ultrasound internal tattooing, Medical Physics, 38 : 1116

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- [10] Couture O, Dransart E, Dehay S, Nemati F, Decaudin D, Johannes L, Tanter M (20011) Ultrasound contrast agent delivery using Shiga-toxin B-subunit, Molecular Imaging.

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Molecular Focusing

- [9] Couture O, Aubry JF, Tanter M, Fink M (2009) Molecularly targeted therapy using time-reversal ultrasound, Applied Physics Letters, 94 : 173901.

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- [8] Couture O, Bannouf S, Montaldo F, Auby JF, Fink M, Tanter M (2009) Ultrafast imaging of ultrasound contrast agents, Ultrasound Med Biol, 35 : 1908-1916.

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- [7] Needles A, Couture O, et al. (2008). A method for detecting targeted microbubbles using high frequency subharmonic ultrasound and interframe filtering. Ultrasound Med Biol, 35 : 1564-1573.

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Bound bubbles

- [6] Couture O, Sprague M. et al. (2008) Reflection from bound microbubbles at high ultrasound frequencies IEEE UFFC 56 : 536-545.

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Tissue harmonics

- [5] Couture O, Montaldo G, et al. (2008) Suppression of tissue-harmonics for pulse inversion contrast imaging using time-reversal Phys Med Biol 53 : 5469-5480 ;

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- [4] Cheung K, Couture O, et al. (2008).In vitro characterization of the subharmonic signal from Definity microbubbles at 20 MHz. Phys Med Biol 53 : 1209-1223

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Layer Model

- [3] Couture O, Cherin E, et al. (2007).Model for the ultrasound reflection from micro-beads and cells distributed in layers on a uniform surface. Phys Med Biol 52 : 4189-4204

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- [2] Couture O, Bevan PD, et al. (2006).A model for reflectivity enhancement due to surface bound submicrometer particles. Ultrasound Med Biol 32(8) : 1247-1255.

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Perfluorohexane particles

- [1] Couture O, Bevan PD, et al. (2006).Investigating perfluorohexane particles with high-frequency ultrasound. Ultrasound Med Biol 32(1) : 73-82.

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