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Spatio-Temporal, Polarization Control of Light Propagation in a Multimode Fiber Pr. Hui Cao – Yale University
Acoustic metamaterials Pr. Steven Cummer – Duke university
Compressed Sensing with Applications to Medical Imaging and Optics Pr. Yonina Eldar – Technion University
Reflection Matrix Approaches for Imaging through Scattering Media : From Ultrasound to Optics Pr. Mathias Fink – ESPCI Paris
Simple physics of Anderson localization Pr. Valentin Freilikher – Bar-Ilan University
Dynamic (multiple) light scattering, “Diffusing Wave spectroscopy” Pr. Georg Maret – University of Konstanz
Spatio-temporal control of water waves Pr. Emmanuel Fort – ESPCI Paris
Shaped waves and speckles : See the light inside Pr. Allard Mosk – Utrecht University
Acoustic waves in complex media : Exploiting resonances to ‘control’ the transport of ultrasonic waves Pr. John Page – University of Manitoba
Transformation optics, surface plasmons, and metasurfaces
Imaging through disordered media
Pr. John Pendry – Imperial College
Mesoscopic scattering meets wave control Pr. Stefan Rotter – Vienna University of Technology
Near field effects in Multiple scattering Pr. Juan José Sáenz – DIPC, San Sebastian
Anderson localization of classical waves in 3D Dr. Sergey Skipetrov – CNRS – LPMMC, Grenoble
Electromagnetic Metamaterials Pr. David Smith – Duke University
Statistical Theory of Wavefront Shaping in Strong Scattering Media Pr. Douglas Stone – Yale University
Finite-size scaling of DOS in photonic bandgap crystals Dr. Shakeeb Bin Hasan – University of Twente
Mesoscopic Physics with Cold Atoms Dr. Thomas Wellens – University of Freiburg

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