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List of invited speakers and short student presentations

Monday, June 28, 2021

Paris timeTopicSpeaker
13:00 Chair : Fabrice Lemoult
13:00 Wave Control for Wireless Communications : From Time-Reversal to Reconfigurable Intelligent Metasurfaces Pr. Mathias Fink – ESPCI Paris - PSL
13:40 Frequency conversion cascade using non commutative space and time interfaces (pdf) Benjamin Apffel – ESPCI Paris - PSL
13:45 Conceptual-based design of ultra-broadband microwave metamaterial absorber Pr. Ping Sheng – HKUST, Hong Kong
14:25 Spatio-Spectral Correlations through Forward Scattering Media (pdf) Payvand Arjmand – Saints-Pères Paris Institute for the Neurosciences
14:30 Break
14:55 Chair : Mathias Fink
14:55 Photonic topological insulators Pr. Mordechai Segev – Technion
15:35 Classical and wave chaos in the transformation from curved to flat surfaces (pdf) Chenni Xu – Bar-Ilan University
15:40 Bubble-based acoustic metamaterials Pr. Arnaud Tourin – ESPCI Paris - PSL
16:20 The experimental search for 3D Anderson localization of ultrasound in a resonant suspension made of soft metallic micro-beads (pdf) Fanambinana Delmotte – University of Bordeaux
16:25 Break
16:50 Chair : Arnaud Tourin
16:50 Fluids of light in semiconductor lattice Dr. Jacqueline Bloch – Université Paris Saclay
17:30 Time reversal of waves and selective spectral hole burning by dissipation pulses (pdf) Samuel Hidalgo – ESPCI Paris - PSL
17:35 4D metamaterials Pr. Nader Engheta – University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Paris timeTopicSpeaker
13:00 Chair : Sébastien Popoff
13:00 Spatiotemporal beam shaping for time reversed optical waves Dr. Joel Carpenter – University of Queensland
13:40 Fluorescence imaging through a multimode fiber (pdf) Max V. Verweg – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
13:45 Optical signal processing in disordered waveguides Dr. George C. Valley – Aerospace Corporation
14:25 Aberrations vs enhancement in wavefront shaping through a multimode fiber (pdf) Zhouping Lyu – ARCNL Amsterdam
14:30 Break
14:55 Chair : Ad Lagendijk
14:55 Perfect Coherent Absorbers (CPA) and their Exceptional Points (EP) in Non-linear System - A theoretical and experimental microwave study Pr. Ulrich Kuhl – Université Côte d’Azur
15:35 Random Laser From Reconfigurable Active Controlled Colloids (pdf) Wai Kit Ng – Imperial College London
15:40 Harnessing universal symmetries for extreme wave phenomena Pr. Andrea Alu – City University of New York
16:20 Wavefront Shaping for Spatially Resolved Chemical Sensing in Photonic Crystal Fibre Microreactors (pdf) Ralf Mouthaan – University of Cambridge
16:25 Break
16:50 Chair : Hui Cao
16:50 Coherent backscattering of nonclassical light Dr. Yaron Bromberg – Hebrew University of Jerusalem
17:30 Spatial and temporal localization of quasimodes in Vogel spirals (pdf) M. Prado – Instituto de Fisica Rio de Janeiro
17:35 Nanoscale light manipulation and optimization Pr. Jelena Vuckovic – Stanford University

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Paris timeTopicSpeaker
13:00 Chair : Romain Pierrat
13:00 Correlated disorder in optics Pr. Rémi Carminati – ESPCI Paris - PSL
13:40 Speckle decorrelation and contrast variation in disordered medium with 𝝌(𝟐)–nonlinearity (pdf) Rabisankar Samanta – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai
13:45 Optimal wave fronts for information retrieval and for cooling multiple particles Pr. Stefan Rotter – TU Wien
14:25 Invariance property of the Fisher information in scattering media (pdf) Michael Horodynski – TU Wien
14:30 Break
14:55 Chair : Stefan Rotter
14:55 Wavefront shaping and mutual extinction of light Pr. Ad Lagendijk – University of Twente
15:35 Tailoring propagation of coherent light via spin-orbit interactions in controlled disorder (pdf) Federico Carlini – Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris
15:40 Reflectionless scattering mode theory Pr. Douglas Stone – Yale University
16:20 Break
16:50 Chair : Douglas Stone
16:50 Light control in multimode disordered systems Pr. Hui Cao – Yale University
17:30 Computation of light absorption in disordered semiconductor alloys based on the localization landscape and the Wigner-Weyl approach (pdf) Jean-Philippe Banon – École Polytechnique
17:35 Localization landscape Pr. Marcel Filoche – École Polytechnique

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