Articles 2009

In vivo performance evaluation of bi-directional ultrasonic axial transmission for cortical bone assessment
Talmant, M., Kolta. S, C. Roux, D. Haguenauer, I. Vedel, B. Cassou, E. Bossy, and P. Laugier
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 35, no. 6, 912-919 (2009)
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Fluorescence signal of a single emitter coupled to a nanoparticle through a plasmonic film
Vandenbem, C., L. S. Froufe-Pérez, and R. Carminati
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 11, no. 11 (2009)
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Influence of noise on subwavelength imaging of two close scatterers using time reversal method: Theory and experiments
Davy, M., J.-G. Minonzio, J. De Rosny, C. Prada, and M. Fink
Progress in Electromagnetics Research 98, 333-358 (2009)
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Fringe-free holographic measurements of large-amplitude vibrations
Joud, F., F. Verpillat, F. Laloë, M. Atlan, J. Hare, and M. Gross
Optics Letters 34, no. 23, 3698-3700 (2009)
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High-resolution quantitative imaging of cornea elasticity using supersonic shear imaging
Tanter, M., D. Touboul, J.-L. Gennisson, J. Bercoff, and M. Fink
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 28, no. 12, 1881-1893 (2009)
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1-D elasticity assessment in soft solids from shear wave correlation: The time-reversal approach
Benech, N., S. Catheline, J. Brum, T. Gallot, and C. A. Negreira
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 56, no. 11, 2400-2410 (2009)
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Decomposition theorems and fine estimates for electrical fields in the presence of closely located circular inclusions
Ammari, H., H. Kang, H. Lee, M. Lim, and H. Zribi
Journal of Differential Equations 247, no. 11, 2897-2912 (2009)
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Parametric Dictionary Design for Sparse Coding
Yaghoobi, M., L. Daudet, and M. E. Davies
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 57, no. 12, 4800-4810 (2009)
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Reflection and transmission at low concentration by a depth-varying random distribution of cylinders in a fluid slab-like region
Conoir, J. M., S. Robert, A. El Mouhtadi, and F. Luppé
Wave Motion 46, no. 8, 522-538 (2009)
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Enhanced resolution in structured media
Ammari, H., E. Bonnetier, and Y. Capdeboscq
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 70, no. 5, 1428-1452 (2009)
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Incidence dependence of negative index in asymmetric cut wire pairs metamaterials
Burokur, S. N., T. Lepetit, and A. D. Lustrac
Applied Physics Letters 95, no. 19 (2009)
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Direct detection of analyte binding to single molecularly imprinted polymer particles by confocal Raman spectroscopy
Bompart, M., L. A. Gheber, Y. De Wilde, and K. Haupt
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 25, no. 3, 568-571 (2009)
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Non-invasive transcranial ultrasound therapy based on a 3D CT scan: Protocol validation and in vitro results
Marquet, F., M. Pernot, J.-F. Aubry, G. Montaldo, L. Marsac, M. Tanter, and M. Fink
Physics in Medicine and Biology 54, no. 9, 2597-2613 (2009)
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Space-time resolved wave turbulence in a vibrating plate
Cobelli, P., P. Petitjeans, A. Maurel, V. Pagneux, and N. Mordant
Physical Review Letters 103, no. 20 (2009)
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Design and characterization of bubble phononic crystals
Leroy, V., A. Bretagne, M. Fink, H. Willaime, P. Tabeling, and A. Tourin
Applied Physics Letters 95, no. 17 (2009)
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Application of DENSE-MR-elastography to the human heart
Robert, B., R. Sinkus, J.-L. Gennisson, and M. Fink
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 62, no. 5, 1155-1163 (2009)
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Ultrafast Imaging of Ultrasound Contrast Agents
Couture, O., S. Bannouf, G. Montaldo, J.-F. Aubry, M. Fink, and M. Tanter
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 35, no. 11, 1908-1916 (2009)
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Metamaterial-based phased array for directional beam steering
Ourir, A., and A. De Lustrac
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 51, no. 11, 2653-2656 (2009)
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Energy-based adaptive focusing of waves: application to noninvasive aberration correction of ultrasonic wavefields
Herbert, E., M. Pernot, G. Montaldo, M. Fink, and M. Tanter
IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control 56, no. 11, 2388-2399 (2009)
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Archimedean lattices in the bound states of wave interacting particles
Eddi, A., A. Decelle, E. Fort, and Y. Couder
EPL 87, no. 5 (2009)
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Manipulating Spatiotemporal Degrees of Freedom of Waves in Random Media
Lemoult, F., G. Lerosey, J. De Rosny, and M. Fink
Physical Review Letters 103, no. 17 (2009)
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Reply to "comment on 'Interaction of a surface wave with a dislocation'"
Maurel, A., V. Pagneux, F. Barra, and F. Lund
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 80, no. 13 (2009)
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Experimental observation of trapped modes in a water wave channel
Cobelli, P. J., V. Pagneux, A. Maurel, and P. Petitjeans
Europhysics Letters 88, no. 2 (2009)
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The role of hydration in the wetting of a soluble polymer
Monteux, C., A. Tay, T. Narita, Y. De Wilde, and F. Lequeux
Soft Matter 5, no. 19, 3713-3717 (2009)
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Acousto-optical coherence tomography using random phase jumps on ultrasound and light
Lesaffre, M., S. Farahi, M. Gross, P. Delaye, A. C. Boccara, and F. Ramaz
Optics Express 17, no. 20, 18211-18218 (2009)
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Interaction between elastic waves and prismatic dislocation loops
Rodríguez, N., A. Maurel, V. Pagneux, F. Barra, and F. Lund
Journal of Applied Physics 106, no. 5 (2009)
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Angle resolved Mueller polarimetry with a high numerical aperture and characterization of transparent biaxial samples
Ibrahim, B. H., S. B. Hatit, and A. De Martino
Applied Optics 48, no. 27, 5025-5034 (2009)
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Thermo-optical dynamics in an optically pumped Photonic Crystal nano-cavity
Brunstein, M., R. Braive, R. Hostein, A. Beveratos, I. Robert-Philip, I. Sagnes, T. J. Karle, A. M. Yacomotti, J. A. Levenson, V. Moreau, G. Tessier, and Y. De Wilde
Optics Express 17, no. 19, 17118-17129 (2009)
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Detection and imaging in a random medium: A matrix method to overcome multiple scattering and aberration
Aubry, A., and A. Derode
Journal of Applied Physics 106, no. 4 (2009)
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Metallic films and nanostructures for molecular fluorescence enhancement
Le Moal, E., E. Fort, and S. Lévêque-Fort
Actualite Chimique, no. 332, 36-44 (2009)
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Theory of the time-reversal operator for a dielectric cylinder using separate transmit and receive arrays
Minonzio, J.-G., M. Davy, J. De Rosny, C. Prada, and M. Fink
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 57, no. 8, 2331-2340 (2009)
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Ultrasonic focusing through the ribs using the DORT method
Cochard, E., C. Prada, J. F. Aubry, and M. Fink
Medical Physics 36, no. 8, 3495-3503 (2009)
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Ultrasound as a probe of plasticity? the interaction of elastic waves with dislocations
Maurel, A., V. Pagneux, F. Barra, and F. Lund
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 19, no. 8, 2765-2781 (2009)
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Magnetic resonance elastography in the liver at 3 Tesla using a second harmonic approach
Herzka, D. A., M. S. Kotys, R. Sinkus, R. I. Pettigrew, and A. M. Gharib
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 62, no. 2, 284-291 (2009)
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Nanoroughened plasmonic films for enhanced biosensing detection
Le Moal, E., S. Leveque-Fort, M.-C. Potier, and E. Fort
Nanotechnology 20, no. 22 (2009)
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Lamb mode spectra versus the Poisson ratio in a free isotropic elastic plate
Royer, D., D. Clorennec, and C. Prada
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 125, no. 6, 3683-3687 (2009)
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Unpredictable tunneling of a classical wave-particle association
Eddi, A., E. Fort, F. Moisy, and Y. Couder
Physical Review Letters 102, no. 24 (2009)
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Time-reversed waves and super-resolution
Fink, M., J. De Rosny, G. Lerosey, and A. Tourin
Comptes Rendus Physique 10, no. 5, 447-463 (2009)
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Exact space symmetry of electron states in lattices under a magnetic field
Tronc, P.
Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research 246, no. 6, 1248-1251 (2009)
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Mathematical models and reconstruction methods in magneto-acoustic imaging
Ammari, H., Y. Capdeboscq, H. Kang, and A. Kozhemyak
European Journal of Applied Mathematics 20, no. 3, 303-317 (2009)
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Assessment of muscle hardness changes induced by a submaximal fatiguing isometric contraction
Nordez, A., A. Guével, P. Casari, S. Catheline, and C. Cornu
Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 19, no. 3, 484-491 (2009)
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Global measurement of water waves by Fourier transform profilometry
Cobelli, P. J., A. Maurel, V. Pagneux, and P. Petitjeans
Experiments in Fluids 46, no. 6, 1037-1047 (2009)
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A semiconductor laser device for the generation of surface-plasmons upon electrical injection
Bousseksou, A., R. Colombelli, A. Babuty, Y. De Wilde, Y. Chassagneux, C. Sirtori, Gpatriarche, Gbeaudoin, and I. Sagnes
Optics Express 17, no. 11, 9391-9400 (2009)
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Charge redistribution in electrochemically actuated mechanical sensors
Amiot, F., F. Kanoufi, F. Hild, and J. P. Roger
Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical 152, no. 1, 88-95 (2009)
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Vibration testing for anomaly detection
Amman, H., H. Kang, E. Kim, and H. Lee
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 32, no. 7, 863-874 (2009)
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Defocus test and defocus correction in full-field optical coherence tomography
Labiau, S., G. David, S. Gigan, and A. C. Boccara
Optics Letters 34, no. 10, 1576-1578 (2009)
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Time-reversal focusing of therapeutic ultrasound on targeted microbubbles
Couture, O., J.-F. Aubry, M. Tanter, and M. Fink
Applied Physics Letters 94, no. 17 (2009)
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Threshold of a random laser with cold atoms
Froufe-Pérez, L. S., W. Guerin, R. Carminati, and R. Kaiser
Physical Review Letters 102, no. 17 (2009)
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Subwavelength dynamic focusing in plasmonic nanostructures using time reversal
Bartal, G., G. Lerosey, and X. Zhang
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 79, no. 20 (2009)
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Near-offset effects on Rayleigh-wave dispersion measurements: Physical modeling
Bodet, L., O. Abraham, and D. Clorennec
Journal of Applied Geophysics 68, no. 1, 95-103 (2009)
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Detection and discrimination of optical absorption and shear stiffness at depth in tissue-mimicking phantoms by transient optoelastography
Daoudi, K., A.-C. Boccara, and E. Bossy
Applied Physics Letters 94, no. 15, 154103 (2009)
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Full-field OCT approaches clinical application
Boccara, C.
Laser Focus World 45, no. 4, 69-71 (2009)
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Gene expression signature of cerebellar hypoplasia in a mouse model of Down syndrome during postnatal development
Laffaire, J., I. Rivals, L. Dauphinot, F. Pasteau, R. Wehrle, B. Larrat, T. Vitalis, R. X. Moldrich, J. Rossier, R. Sinkus, Y. Herault, I. Dusart, and M.-C. Potier
BMC Genomics 10 (2009)
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Density of states and extinction mean free path of waves in random media: Dispersion relations and sum rules
Carminati, R., and J. J. Sáenz
Physical Review Letters 102, no. 9 (2009)
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Coherent plane-wave compounding for very high frame rate ultrasonography and transient elastography
Montaldo, G., M. Tanter, J. Bercoff, N. Benech, and M. Fink
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 56, no. 3, 489-506 (2009)
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Random matrix theory applied to acoustic backscattering and imaging in complex media
Aubry, A., and A. Derode
Physical Review Letters 102, no. 8 (2009)
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Shear elasticity estimation from surface wave: The time reversal approach
Brum, J., S. Catheline, N. Benech, and C. Negreira
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 124, no. 6, 3377-3380 (2009)
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The time-reversal operator with virtual transducers: Application to far-field aberration correction
Robert, J.-L., and M. Fink
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 124, no. 6, 3659-3668 (2009)
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Photoacoustic guidance of high intensity focused ultrasound with selective optical contrasts and time-reversal
Funke, A. R., J.-F. Aubry, M. Fink, A.-C. Boccara, and E. Bossy
Applied Physics Letters 94, no. 5, 054102 (2009)
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Quantitative Viscoelasticity Mapping of Human Liver Using Supersonic Shear Imaging: Preliminary In Vivo Feasability Study
Muller, M., J.-L. Gennisson, T. Deffieux, M. Tanter, and M. Fink
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 35, no. 2, 219-229 (2009)
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The prolate spheroidal wave functions as invariants of the time reversal operator for an extended scatterer in the Fraunhofer approximation
Robert, J.-L., and M. Fink
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 125, no. 1, 218-226 (2009)
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Experimental and theoretical inspection of the phase-to-height relation in fourier transform profilometry
Maurel, A., P. Cobelli, V. Pagneux, and P. Petitjeans
Applied Optics 48, no. 2, 380-392 (2009)
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Vibration analysis for detecting internal corrosion
Ammari, H., H. Kang, E. Kim, H. Lee, and K. Louati
Studies in Applied Mathematics 122, no. 1, 85-104 (2009)
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Controlling the phase and amplitude of plasmon sources at a subwavelength scale
Lerosey, G., D. F. P. Pile, P. Mathieu, G. Bartel, and X. Zheng
Nano Letters 9, no. 1, 327-331 (2009)
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