Waves Theory and Mesoscopic Physics

Research topics

  • Wave propagation in correlated media
  • Speckle, information and wave control
  • Random lasers
  • Scattering and diffusion in atomic clouds
  • Quantum optics in complex media

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Full characterization of the transmission properties of a multi-plane light converter
Boucher, P., A. Goetschy, G. Sorelli, M. Walschaers, and N. Treps
Physical Review Research 3, no. 2 (2021)
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Universal Statistics of Waves in a Random Time-Varying Medium
Carminati, R., H. Chen, R. Pierrat, and B. Shapiro
Physical Review Letters 127, no. 9 (2021)
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Fourier transform acousto-optic imaging with off-axis holographic detection
Dutheil, L., M. Bocoum, M. Fink, S. M. Popoff, F. Ramaz, and J. M. Tualle
Applied Optics 60, no. 24, 7107-7112 (2021)
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Image Transmission Through a Dynamically Perturbed Multimode Fiber by Deep Learning
Resisi, S., S. M. Popoff, and Y. Bromberg
Laser & Photonics Reviews, 2000553 (2021)
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Learning and Avoiding Disorder in Multimode Fibers
Matthès, M. W., Y. Bromberg, J. De Rosny, and S. M. Popoff
Physical Review X 11, no. 2 (2021)
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