Wave Physics for Medicine - Inserm U979

Description of the team

Our team Inserm U979 "Wave Physics for Medicine" has been created in 2008 within the Langevin Institute (Inserm/CNRS/ESPCI) and is led by Mickaël Tanter (director) and Mathieu Pernot (deputy director). The team consists of physicists experts in biomedical applications of wave physics from the cellular level to organs scale.
We are currently developing new techniques for medical imaging and extracorporeal therapies based on ultrasonic, optical or electromagnetic waves. For that purpose, we have created several innovative platforms in ultrasound and optics for in vitro and in vivo validation of our approaches. Our group has pioneered many concepts in biomedical imaging, such as transient elastography, Shear Wave Elastography, ultrafast echography, and more recently fUltrasound (functional ultrasound imaging for neurosciences). Besides, we are strongly promoting "multi-wave imaging", which leverages interactions between different types of waves in tissues.


Director of the unit

Mickaël TANTER
Tél. : 01 80 96 30 62
mickael.tanter (arobase) espci.fr

Deputy director

Mathieu PERNOT
Tél. : 01 80 96 30 64
Mathieu.Pernot (arobase) espci.fr

Administrative head

Tél. : 01 80 96 30 55
khadija.bertino (arobase) espci.fr

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Jack Sauvage wins the Best Student Paper Award at the 2018 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium

Jack Sauvage has won the Best Student Award of the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium which took place in Kobe (Japan) in October 20th-25th 2018. His works, entitled "Ultrafast 4D Doppler Imaging of the rat brain with a large aperture Row Column addressed probe", aim at developing an efficient solution for 4D ultrafast ultrasound imaging, using specific ultrasound probes which allow to acquire a full imaging volume with a limited number of transducers. The results have just been published in Physics in Medicine & Biology and are available here.
Uniquely in the history of this international congress - the largest in the field of ultrasound research, the best student award has been won by a student of the team Wave Physics for Medicine for six years in a row.

Biomedical ultrasound strive forward thanks to the Foundation Bettencourt-Schueller

Diagnosing heart diseases with a miniature smart sensor, treating pediatric cardiac malformation without open surgery using focused ultrasound waves, observe the entire human vascular network down to the smallest vessels using a non-invasive imager : these surrealistic projects will become true with the help of the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation. The foundation has decided to grant the unit « Physics for Medicine » an extraordinary support for 4 years to conduct an innovative research in ultrasound-based imaging and therapy for cardiovascular diseases.

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Victor Finel receives an award in cardiovascular imaging at EMIM (European Molecular Imaging Meeting)

Victor Finel, who is currently doing his PhD in the team Wave Physics for Medicine, has received the Best Poster Award in the category "cardiovascular imaging" at EMIM 2018 (European Molecular Imaging Meeting) in San Sebastian, Spain.
His work is entitlted "3D mapping of cardiac contraction on isolated rat heart using ultrasound ultrafast imaging". Results demonstrate the feasibility of recording in 3D the electro-mechanical activation of the myocardium during a single heart beat.
The study has been conducted and presented with the support of the European Research Council and France Life Imaging.

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