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Yannick DE WILDE
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Cloaking, trapping and superlensing of lamb waves with negative refraction
Legrand, F., B. Gérardin, F. Bruno, J. Laurent, F. Lemoult, C. Prada, and A. Aubry
Scientific Reports 11, no. 1 (2021)
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Monte Carlo Simulations of Ultrasound Scattering and Absorption in Finite-Size Heterogeneous Materials
Zhou, H., X. Jia, L. Y. Fu, and A. Tourin
Physical Review Applied 16, no. 3 (2021)
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Waveguide efficient directional coupling and decoupling via an integrated plasmonic nanoantenna
Blanquer, G., V. Loo, N. Rahbany, C. Couteau, S. Blaize, R. Salas-Montiel, Y. De Wilde, and V. Krachmalnicoff
Optics Express 29, no. 18, 29034-29043 (2021)
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