Postdoctoral position : Ultra-sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography for retinal imaging at cellular resolution


Main objective : Development of an ultra-sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system for imaging transparent retinal neurons.

Context of the Postdoctoral position
This position is part of the ANR BRAINS project of Pedro Mecê’s group, which aims to develop an optical imaging device capable of linking the retina to the brain and observing manifestations of neurodegenerative diseases through the eye. Indeed, the retina is part of the central nervous system (CNS). For this reason, several major CNS disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, occur in the retina and especially in the ganglion cell layer. Thanks to the optical properties of the eye, the retina is directly accessible to optical imaging with cellular resolution, suggesting that the eye is a window to neurodegenerative diseases. Despite recent advances in in-vivo retinal imaging, ganglion cells remain elusive for visualization in the clinical environment, due to their optical translucency generating a low signal-to-noise ratio.

Scientific objectives
The objectives of the postdoctoral fellowship will be, among others, to develop a new ultra-sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) modality able to overcome the optical translucency of ganglion cells, and to develop MATLAB codes for the associated data processing.

This work will be carried out in interaction with researchers, engineers, clinicians and PhD students from the Langevin Institute and the Paris Eye Imaging group located at the Quinze-Vingts Ophthalmology Hospital.

Candidate’s profile
  The candidate should have a PhD with a strong component in optical instrumentation and a taste for biomedical and image processing.
  Knowledge of optomechanical design software, e.g. ZEMAX and SolidWorks would be appreciated.
  Image processing and analysis is usually done in MATLAB and/or Python and/or ImageJ with which the candidate should be familiar.

Postdoctoral Fellowship location
Institut Langevin, 1 rue Jussieu 75005 Paris, France

How to apply ?
Applicants will send a motivation letter and a CV comprising the names of two references.

Pedro Mecê, PhD (pedro.mece (arobase)

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