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Is speckle tracking feasible for ultrasound tongue images?
Xu, K., P. Roussel, and B. Denby.
Acta Acustica united with Acustica 103, no. 3 (2017): 365–368.
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A comparative study on the contour tracking algorithms in ultrasound tongue images with automatic re-initialization.
Xu, K., T. G. Csapo, P. Roussel, and B. Denby.
Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America 139, no. 5 (2016): EL154–EL160.
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Robust contour tracking in ultrasound tongue image sequences.
Xu, K., Y. Yang, M. Stone, A. Jaumard-Hakoun, C. Leboullenger, G. Dreyfus, P. Roussel, and B. Denby.
Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 30, no. 3-5 (2016): 313–327.
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Hybrid indoor localization using GSM fingerprints, embedded Sensors and a particle filter.
Y. Tian, B. Denby, I. Ahriz, P. Roussel, and G. Dreyfus.
In Proceedings of 2014 International Symposium on WirelessCommunication Systems (2014).
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3D tongue motion visualization based on ultrasound image sequences.
K. Xu, Y. Yang, A. Jaumard-Hakoun, M. Adda-Decker, A. Amelot, S. K. Al Kork, L. Crevier-Buchman, P. Chawah, G. Dreyfus, T. Fux, C. Pillot-Loiseau, P. Roussel, M. Stone, B. Denby.
Interspeech2014 (2014).
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Towards the selection of patients requiring ICD implantation by automatic classification from Holter monitoring indices.
Charles-Henri Cappelaere, Rémi Dubois, Pierre Roussel, Oliver Baumann, Amel Amblard and Gérard Dreyfus.
CinC 2013 (2013).
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