Non-conventional imaging and sensing (NCIS)


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In vivo laser Doppler holography of the human retina.
Puyo, L., M. Paques, M. Fink, J. A. Sahel, and M. Atlan.
Biomedical Optics Express 9, no. 9 (2018): 4113–4129.
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Towards anti-causal Green’s function for three-dimensional sub-diffraction focusing.
Ma, G., X. Fan, F. Ma, J. de Rosny, P. Sheng, and M. Fink.
Nature Physics 14, no. 6 (2018): 608–612.
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Modeling of an active terahertz imaging system in brownout conditions.
Prophète, C., R. Pierrat, H. Sik, E. Kling, R. Carminati, and J. De Rosny.
Applied Optics 57, no. 21 (2018): 6017–6026.
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Compressive acoustic holography with block-sparse regularization.
Fernandez-Grande, E., and L. Daudet.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 143, no. 6 (2018): 3737–3746.
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