Non-conventional imaging and sensing (NCIS)


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The role of prefrontal cortex in a moral judgment task using functional near-infrared spectroscopy.
Dashtestani, H., R. Zaragoza, R. Kermanian, K. M. Knutson, M. Halem, A. Casey, N. Shahni Karamzadeh, A. A. Anderson, A. C. Boccara, and A. Gandjbakhche.
Brain and Behavior 8, no. 11 (2018).
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Kerker Effect in Ultrahigh-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Dubois, M., L. Leroi, Z. Raolison, R. Abdeddaim, T. Antonakakis, J. De Rosny, A. Vignaud, P. Sabouroux, E. Georget, B. Larrat et al.
Physical Review X 8, no. 3 (2018).
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Pkd2l1 is required for mechanoception in cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons and maintenance of spine curvature.
Sternberg, J. R., A. E. Prendergast, L. Brosse, Y. Cantaut-Belarif, O. Thouvenin, A. Orts-Del’Immagine, L. Castillo, L. Djenoune, S. Kurisu, J. R. McDearmid et al.
Nature Communications 9, no. 1 (2018).
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In vivo laser Doppler holography of the human retina.
Puyo, L., M. Paques, M. Fink, J. A. Sahel, and M. Atlan.
Biomedical Optics Express 9, no. 9 (2018): 4113–4129.
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