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Claire PRADA
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Soft elastomers: A playground for guided waves
Delory, A., F. Lemoult, M. Lanoy, A. Eddi, and C. Prada
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 151, no. 5, 3343-3358 (2022)
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Time-reversal of Sub-THz Pulses in Complex Media
Mokh, A., R. Khayatzadeh, A. Ourir, M. Kamoun, A. Tourin, M. Fink, and J. De Rosny
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 95, 141-162 (2022)
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Label-free, non-invasive, and repeatable cell viability bioassay using dynamic full-field optical coherence microscopy and supervised machine learning
Park, S., V. Veluvolu, W. S. Martin, T. Nguyen, J. Park, D. L. Sackett, C. Boccara, and A. Gandjbakhche
Biomedical Optics Express 13, no. 6, 3187-3194 (2022)
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Real-time 3D imaging with Fourier-domain algorithms and matrix arrays applied to non-destructive testing
Marmonier, M., S. Robert, J. Laurent, and C. Prada
Ultrasonics 124, 106708 (2022)
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